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Cedar Oil To Combat Head Lice

Cedar wood oil has been used to neutralize and repel a wide variety insect activity for hundreds of years. Remember when your great grandparents would store important things in a cedar chest or cedar closet?

Scent driven bugs, which includes the head louse, rely on the compound octopamine for normal bodily functions like breathing, metabolism, reproduction, and movement. Cedar oil blocks their octopamine receptors, and triggers interference with breathing. Cedar invokes irritation to the respiratory system of the lice bugs. This forces the louse to involuntarily stop breathing. By shutting down it's respiration, the lice bug is attempting to avoid taking in these irritants. After a short time the insect will inhale some of the oil causing it to die. Because cedar oil is a natural insecticide, void of any man made chemicals, the louse bug can not become resistant.

Let me add that the Cedar oil that we use in our LiceGo treatment is not the same as the essential oils that that you get from your local health food store.. The cedar oil we use is fractionated to remove any naturally occurring toxic substances including the phenols and terpenes. Making it safe for everyone in the family including babies and pregnant mothers.

Here are the other ingredients used in our LIceGo head lice treatment:

Organic olive oil and sunflower oil: We use these as a base oil. The olive oil sunflower oil blend aids in coating the hair, scalp, and bugs. Causing the louse to stop running. To pause. Giving the ingredients in LiceGo time to do it's job.

Sweet Orange Oil: Fragrance. Cedar oil has a very strong scent. We use a bit of orange oil to add more of a citrusy scent. But not to much because we need that strong cedar smell to kill the louse.

Silica: Silica is a natural resource made by liquidized quartz and/or opal rocks. It acts as a dehydrator and as an abrasive. It erodes the exoskeleton and cuticle of the lice bugs. Exposing them to the cedar oil and killing them within seconds.

The proprietary blend of ingredients in our LiceGo solution is generally recognized as safe ("GRAS") to people, pets and the environment, yet it interferes with many critical life functions of the arthropod family of insects (lice).

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