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Tequesta Head Lice Treatment And Nit Removal

Tequesta, Fl

Tequesta Head Lice Treatment And Nit Removal

At The Lice Raiders in Tequesta Florida, we know the stress lice can cause. We also know the dangers of most over-the- counter lice treatments and how they affect children and adults. If you worry about the toxins you expose your child to, consider our professional natural lice removal treatment. Our technicians professionally remove the lice without any traces of chemicals or harmful substances; the entire process is completely natural. When you let our professionals handle the infestation for you, we take the hard work and the stress off of you.

Discrete Treatment Options

We offer a variety of discrete treatment options, as we know the embarrassment many people feel when their child has lice. Our professionals offer in-home and on-site treatments and even offer same-day appointments. In addition, we offer over-the- phone or text consultations for those middle of the night emergencies when you just need to know if your child has lice or what you can do to make him more comfortable. We work around the clock and never charge extra for appointments outside of normal business hours because we know emergencies never occur at a beneficial time.

Affordable Head Lice Treatment Pricing

Many people assume professional lice removal treatment is expensive, but at The Lice Raiders, we make it affordable for you. We charge one flat fee; we do not charge by the hour or have extra costs for treatments which take extra-long. This takes the worry off your shoulders when your child is uncooperative or just cannot sit still for an entire treatment. No matter how long the process takes, it costs you the same amount and we disclose this cost to you upfront.

Natural and Effective Treatment

Many parents today want to do whatever they can to keep their children away from harmful toxins. This is why our professionals at The Lice Raiders  use chemical free treatments that work. What you don’t get with our treatments is the harmful and unpleasant side effects most other products cause. Your child will be safe and comfortable during the entire treatment process and will not leave with an itchy scalp or damaged skin.

Follow Up Appointments

As a part of our package, we offer a follow-up appointment within 14 days of treatment. This helps to provide you with the peace of mind you need after dealing with lice. It is normal for everyone to think they still have lice infestation or to assume it spread to other family members, which is why we offer this service. We want you to feel confident in the fact that the lice have been removed from your home, knowing you and your family are now safe.

If you need a consultation or are ready for lice infestation treatment, give us a call today. Our professionals are available to help you around the clock in the comfort of your own home or at our salon. Call us today to make your appointment for safe and effective lice removal treatment.


Call or Text  The Experts Today To Schedule An Appointment At 561-222-7901

Natural Head Lice Removal Products

The Lice Raiders use’s all natural lice products that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins. Through our experience we have found that using natural products is safer and more effective then chemical products that tend to leave the skin discolored, dry, and irritated. The Lice Raiders understand that no one wants harsh chemical liquids on their small children, that is why we believe in using 100% all natural head lice removal products.

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