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Lice Treatment Process

STEP 1 - Diagnosis

We start with a careful diagnosis to identify the problem. Once we have identified evidence of lice, we then begin the process of eradication.

STEP 2 - Application

We start off by applying Nit Go, our enzyme based nit dissolving

cream. It is formulated from plant ingredients that naturally

dissolves the glue to those sticky nits (lice eggs), allowing for

easy removal.

STEP 3 - Combing

After a short time, we begin our meticulous combing process.

Over the years we have developed an effective method of combing and picking that guarantees eradication in a time efficient manner.  Unlike other methods used by the "charge by the hour" nit picking salons that take an unnecessarily long time to perform their treatments and require multiple recheck visits to guarantee their service.  On average, our treatment time is about an hour.  

licego instruction.jpg
lice combing instruction.png
STEP 4 - Lice Go

Next, we apply The Lice Raiders Lice Go lice killing solution.  Lice Go is The Lice Raiders' very own non toxic, pesticide free oil solution. Lice Go kills head lice bugs in seconds and is safe for all ages including pregnant mothers. Once the Lice Go is applied, a comb through is performed to remove any dead critters from the hair.   

Mother with her Two Kids

Throughout the treatment we educate you on head lice and why they aren't really THAT bad. We will instruct you on why you DO NOT need to super clean your house or bag up items for weeks and give you tips of effective ways to deter these critters from coming back to your head. If you visit our office you will be in a clean, comfy environment. We can watch movies and have fun. 

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Finally we will see you off with your mind at ease knowing that you are now lice free. The kids can go back to school the same day and we will provide a certificate of treatment required by some schools. We will give you a bottle of our Lice Go lice killing solution which you will apply to the affected head in one week to ensure long lasting eradication.

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