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The majority of parents "looking" for head lice will not detect them in time

Do you know why 93% of parents "looking" for head lice will not see any signs of an infestation until the child has had them for 3-4 weeks?

Typical scenario: You get that call/text from your child's, friends mom letting them know that little Suzy has lice and that you should check your child's head due to the recent play date they had. You assure Suzy's mom that you will give your little one a check. You start peering through her hair. Looking for bugs or maybe a nit. After five minutes of looking and not seeing anything, you deem her lice free and carry on with your day. But then, a few weeks later, as you are brushing your little ones hair you see multiple bugs and a ton of nits. Then, just when you think your day couldn't get any worst, you realize that EVERYONE in the family now has lice!!

You ask yourself: "But how did this happen? I looked and didn't see anything"

The reason you didn't see it after Suzy's mom informed you is because it is VERY DIFFICULT to detect an infestation in the early stages (1-14 days) by just looking. Why? Because there isn't anything to see.

There is most likely only one fertilized female bug roaming around and laying 6-8 nearly invisible eggs a day. After about 14 days there is now approximately 20- 25 bugs, most of them super tiny with many more hatching everyday. This is when the itching begins. Many parents tell themselves that the itching is most likely from dry scalp or from not washing the hair properly. As another week goes by the camouflaged bugs multiply. Then one day. It happens. You see a bug in the front hairline of your child and you panic.

All of that trauma could of been avoided if you would of called or text The Lice Raiders for a head check appointment. Head checks are only $10. We do not "look" for head lice. We "comb" for head lice using our high quality lice combs that will detect an infestation within hours of contracting it.

Don't fool around with head lice this summer. If you get that dreaded text from little Suzy's mom, your next call/text should be to The Lice Raiders. 561-222-7901

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