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What Makes Us Different From All The Other Lice Removal Companies?

Yes! We are different from the other lice removal treatment companies in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Stuart. For one, we do not charge by the hour. We have a flat rate charge that is based on hair length. No need to stress on how long the lice treatment and nit removal might take or how many breaks a child might have.

Lara sitting on the floor allowing a more comfortable situation for the little girl.

Number Two on how we are different. No hidden costs or fees. Most head lice clinics will give you one price for their treatments but you must also purchase additional products such as a comb or aftercare product. Our head lice treatment prices are for a full treatment. Everything is included.

Number Three on how we are different- We are more affordable! Our prices are about half of what other companies charge. This is why: We haven't as much overhead as the other lice removal and treatment salons.

  • We are a private, local family based business. Not a franchise. We are not having to reach big company quotas or having to give a part of our earnings to franchise corporate.

  • We do not have the overhead of an expensive store front in a shopping center. Our locations consist of smaller, private suites that are located in discreet office and medical buildings. Allowing a more comfortable and private experience for you and your family.

  • We do not use heat machines that are expensive and unnecessary. Our method of eradication is removal. Which is done with a lice comb and manual picking. Removal is %100 effective at killing lice and nits. Those machines do not remove the bugs or nits and they are only %95 effective at killing them. Because the machine leaves %5 still alive, you then have to comb the hair out with a lice comb in order to have successful eradication. We skip the hot air and go straight to what works...The combing.

  • We truly want to help anyone that is struggling with these pesky critters. We feel like you shouldn't need a "payment plan" option for payment to get rid of lice. I started The Lice Raiders in 2014 when my 4 children all had lice for the first time. I called a few places asking for help. I had never dealt with this before and I was panicking and I was stressing. I visited a local treatment center and found the employees to be not so nice, the treatments were excessively long and uncomfortable and my children all very upset. Not to mention the price tag of which I was offered a "payment plan" for. I decided at that moment that I will learn this art of lice removal. I will assist everyone I can in an honest and loving way. I will keep my prices in a more affordable range and I will help others in any way I can. And that is what we do everyday!

If you are struggling with head lice and need help, feel free to call or text us with any questions you may have. 561-222-7901

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