December 27, 2017

A recent study was performed by James Cook University at an elementary school where 2,230 children where examined. Out of that 2,230 children, 466 children had head lice and occupied 108 classrooms. A total of 14,033 lice were collected from these children with an average of 30.1 lice per infected child. There was at least one child in every classroom that had an active case of head lice. 

During the study, they took the s...

October 30, 2017

Cedar wood oil has been used to neutralize and repel a wide variety insect activity for hundreds of years. Remember when your great grandparents would store important things in a cedar chest or cedar closet? 

Scent driven bugs, which includes the head louse, rely on the compound octopamine for normal bodily functions like breathing, metabolism, reproduction, and movement.  Cedar oil blocks their octopamine receptors, and triggers interfe...

June 26, 2017

Do you know why 93% of parents "looking" for head lice will not see any signs of an infestation until the child has had them for 3-4 weeks?

Typical scenario: You get that call/text from your child's, friends mom letting them know that little Suzy has lice and that you should check your child's head due to the recent play date they had. You assure Suzy's mom that you will give your little one a check. You start peering through her hair. Lookin...

June 14, 2017

Yes! We are different from the other lice removal treatment companies in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Stuart.  For one, we do not charge by the hour. We have a flat rate charge that is based on hair length. No need to stress on how long the  lice treatment and nit removal might take or how many breaks a child might have.

Number Two on how we are different. No hidden costs or fees. Most head lice clinics will give you one pr...

June 13, 2017

Head lice are only able to crawl. They cannot jump nor fly. They do, however, crawl very fast on the strand of hair, but it takes head-to-head contact before the head louse by coincidence grabs a another person’s hair and ”transfers” to a new host.

Laboratory experiments on hair-to-hair transfers indicate that, even under the most ideal conditions, transfer of head lice takes place in less than 10 per cent of the cases. Even though experiment...

June 13, 2017

Question: Why is it that when I was young and had lice, my mother had to bag up all the toys, throw away pillows, clean the carpets, vacuum the couches and do tons of laundry? But now you say that is not necessary. Why? Have head lice changed over the years?
Answer: 15-20-30 years ago there was not a lot of research being done on head lice. But there was a lot of information about other parasites such as fleas, bed bugs and bo
dy lice. Becaus...

June 8, 2017

Did you know that a few minutes of combing once a week ensures that you will never have a head lice problem again. Do you want to learn the secrets of head lice prevention? Today, I am educating parents and teachers about the facts of head lice as well as how to do a proper, wet combing head check. The most accurate way to check for head lice. The Lice Raiders performs free, fun classes once a month. Let us know if you'd like to attend the n...

June 1, 2017

Combing has been a means of removing head lice for centuries. The Fine-Tooth comb dates as early as the Natufian period (9,500 – 12,500 BC) and its design has changed very little over the millennia. In earliest times, combs were made of ivory and bone.

Today a head lice comb is not just a head lice comb. Unfortunately you will find them in many poor qualities where the teeth are not made for catching even the biggest head lice. If y...

June 1, 2017

Selfies. One of the main causes of head lice infestations in teenagers and adults. Middle school and high school girls are surpassing the elementary and preschool aged children in the amount of head lice infestations yearly. And because teenagers are reluctant to tell their friends that they were treated, head lice will continue to spread through the same group of friends over and again. When was the last time you gave your teen a head check...

​This is an article from The Daily Mail about the harmful chemicals found in most OTC lice kits and lice shampoos. This is why we do not use these products. 

  • Head lice treatments could lead to behavioural problems in some young children

  • That was the suggestion published in report by the University of Rennes, France

  • Issue surrounds pyrethroids - synthetic chemicals used in common pesticides

  • Exposure could lead to children de...

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